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ASIA PID TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (ASIA PID) is one of the leading company's players in HVAC Pre-insulated panels (EASY panel) and ready to install duct business in Thailand (Partnership with UNIGULF AIRCONDITIONING INDUSTRIES LLC. Founders of EASY panels). We are an innovative company that provides cutting-edge, cost effective solutions for the manufacture and supply of pre-insulated panels along with fabricated ducts, used primarily for A/C applications. Our panel and fabricate unit has been established by a team of professionals with a combined experience of over 10 years and we have a project reference list to our credit for the past several years.

Our EASY duct system has been designed on the basis of specific technical and economic necessities to permit the construction of air distribution systems that guarantee the highest standards of safety and conformity to international regulation


Name Description
(Panel Dimension)4,000 X 1,200 mm.
(Thickness) 20 mm.
(Density) 51 kg/m3; with a tolerance of +/- 3 kg/m3
(Aluminum Foil) Internal / External 80/80 micronembassed protected w/Polyester lacquer;
(Thermal conductivity) 0.021 W/m°C)
(Product cells characteristic Closed cells

Reference: GI duct, Duct Asia Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Reference: PID, ASIA PID Technology Co.,Ltd.